beautiful ideas + bespoke design + publishing with soul


Quintessential Magazine

I work as editor and creative director, alongside owner and curator Leanne Carter Taylor to produce a richly visual online magazine 

This is a brand extension to her store QUINTESSENTIAL DUCK EGG BLUE, and has been a dream project as it aligns very much with my own thinking. We share inspiring stories and capture the beauty of the moment with stunning visuals. We love craftsmanship and originality where honesty and integrity is admired and revered.

Our magazine was created to evoke emotion. We are passionate about story telling, the passing on of history and the celebration of  enduring style.  By working with talented artisans, we find beauty in the unconventional, the quirky and left of centre and we embrace the old fashioned in a thoroughly modern way. 

Our aim is to create an online experience that is engaging, authentic and meaningful. We support small, bespoke companies that keep age-old traditions alive and I guess it's our heritage... as we love the quirkiness of a british sense of humour...